Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

If you have been injured in an automobile or motorcycle accident, have lost a loved one in a fatal mishap, or been injured from a dog bite or a slip and fall, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages from those responsible. It is vital to protect yourself and your rights with an experienced attorney.

SSJM Attorneys provide top legal services by aggressively pursuing the maximum compensation allowed under the law. We are committed to fighting for injured people who have suffered losses through no fault of their own. We represent our clients zealously, opening every possible area of investigation to recover for your injuries. We listen to our clients concerns and fears and guide them through the settlement process while ensuring their privacy and respect. We are aggressive, yet caring attorneys who protect the rights of those going through difficult times, due to personal injuries, accident or enduring the loss of a loved one.

Typically, SSJM Attorneys represent clients of its Personal Injury practice group on a contingent fee basis so that they do not need to worry about paying legal bills at a time when they need help the most and are the least able to afford legal representation.

Robert Jutras, Sonja Starins, Thomas Tretter and Thomas MacMillan