SSJM Attorneys represent secured creditors, trade and other unsecured creditors, lessors, licensors, licensees, financially distressed entities, and acquirers of distressed assets and entities in and out of bankruptcy.

SSJM Attorneys provide proactive advice to commercial and private lenders, lessors, municipalities and many other types of claim holders, both secured and unsecured, in all phases of creditor representation. We have extensive experience in plan analysis, negotiation, advisory proceedings and litigation, valuation, secured status determination and other aspects of plan confirmation in both Chapters 11 and 13.

Our services include litigation to enforce promissory notes, mortgages, security agreements, and other contracts for payment, including the foreclosure of residential and commercial mortgages. Our representation of bankruptcy creditors includes attending section 341 meetings, preparing and filing statements of claims, reviewing, monitoring, and, as applicable, objecting to chapter 11 and chapter 13 plans, and filing and prosecuting adversarial proceedings.

Nearly every business will become involved in a bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding in some capacity. It may be as a secured or unsecured creditor, landlord, customer or vendor, or as a defendant to a trustee’s lawsuit or, perhaps, as the buyer of the bankrupt business. Regardless of your role in a particular matter, SSJM Attorneys can help you through the process, protect your interests, and provide you with exceptional representation.

Marcia K. Rosenn and Thomas Tretter